Become a Certified Mindful Storyteller

Raise your hand if this sounds like you…

  • You’ve been in business for a while and things are changing; your connections aren’t the same, you are not making sales like you used to, and you feel lost, maybe even like you are aging out

  • OR maybe you are working in a corporation, you are good at what you do and you have dreams to do something different, maybe even becoming an entrepreneur. You don’t know where to start.

  • (Re)building a marketing and brand strategy seems like a lot of important work and stresses you out, times have changed, and it’s all a bit confusing; you feel directionless and unclear.

  • You understand the importance of storytelling, you have stories to share; but you aren’t sure how to connect them to your business, your customers and your value

  • You lack confidence in yourself and your business to share your message with the world

  • You recognize the market is changing, it’s moving fast, and it’s important to get support, prioritize and figure out next steps.

  • You feel frustrated because you are committed to change. You realize you need some help.


Reduce stress and self-doubt by building a mindful mindset.
Rebuild your confidence by discovering and creating your future vision.
Create your brand strategy (vision, mission, values, & why).
Master the Art of Storytelling and learn how to connect business purpose to personal storytelling.
Become a Mindful CEO by getting to know your customer and including them in your journey
Move from overwhelmed to enabled by building your marketing strategy and plan alongside TOP industry experts
Eliminate your fear of putting yourself out there on camera by learning how to show up like a pro every time and sharing your message with the world
Get tools and processes that are guaranteed to scale and grow your business when you apply them

Who the program works for:

Established Entrepreneurs


Corporate Business Leaders who have a dream to become entrepreneurs.

This program is for you if you:
* are 100% committed to making a change and know you need support
* value commitment and hard work
* willing to invest in yourself; both time and money
* not afraid to take mindful risks and action
* are coachable
*are able to have difficult conversations and make tough decisions
* willing to dig deep; meaning sometimes we go backwards to move forwards
* feel purpose driven, money is not the only driver, profit comes in many ways

A note from your storytelling guides…

Hello Mindful Storytellers…

We are so excited you are here with us. We know that the entrepreneurial life can be challenging and scary. You are committed to your work but sometimes it feels like you are the only one who believes in you…We get it!

Courtney is an award winning filmmaker; a writer, director and producer. He has spent his career working on feature films, broadcast television, and in the indie film world. He has been writing stories, building content and directing productions for 25 years.

Jen is a former Fortune 500 exec turned Mindful business coach. As a sought after team leader and brand strategist she has spent 20+ years transforming companies and their leadership including Marvel, Walmart, Hasbro, Skechers, Cott, and Loblaws. She recently left the comfort of her corporate life to fulfill her purpose.

We are here to tell you, we want to support you and your dreams.

The Art of Mindful Storytelling is a program to help mindful entrepreneurs master your storytelling, create connections and skyrocket your brand. It’s not just a program. You will become part of a community that lasts. We believe in the long-term, we want people who are committed to growth, want to make connections, believe in only the radical truth, and are committed to change . We look forward to getting to know you better.



Once you enroll in the program we align on the start date and get things rolling. We are here as your storytelling guides throughout.
We want you to move FROM feeling lost, unclear, directionless, and lacking confidence TO feeling empowered, authentic, safe, and strategic.
Here’s how we get there on your 16 week journey.

ONBOARDING: Let’s get started.
DURATION: 2 weeks

We take this seriously. Onboarding is important to us. We have built in several components to our onboarding including; an intake form, a personality quiz, and a few storytelling videos to watch. We want you to learn our style and we want to learn more about you. During the two weeks we will meet 1:1 on to walk through your intake and personality assessment. We will ask questions, be curious, and create a foundation of understanding to grow from together.

MODULE 1: (Re)Build Mindset and Confidence
Establish a MINDFUL mindset and connect back to your confidence
DURATION: 2 weeks

The place we start is building a mindset that will last and sustain beyond the program. We share the concept of a mindful mindset; why and how to build it using practical daily winning routines. We partner that with the renowned coaching and mindset principles of Chaos to Confidence shared by our partner, Jen Grosso, Founder of Boldfire Institute. She steps in to work with you on building your confidence, understanding the root of your inner critic, and ultimately cultivating your power within. These weeks are packed and filled with opportunities to build and grow.

MODULE 2: Build your Brand
Build your WINNING brand strategy & BONUS module – kickstart your Visual brand
DURATION: 4 weeks

The foundation of your business strategy starts with your journey and commitment to get crystal clear on your brand strategy. We start to flex your creative writing muscles by getting clarity on your vision, mission, and why. I can promise that we workshop the detail to connect you to your customer(s). That’s right there is a plural there…and we will clarify why. Say goodbye to your confusion and doubt and say hello to clarity and intention. We include some hands on training to help you set yourself up like a boss so you can diminish your sense of overwhelm as you take on new ways of working and thinking. We challenge you to build and operate by connecting you to amazing exercises at the end of these weeks that prompt creativity and provoke your thinking.

MODULE 3: Master The Art of Storytelling
Write your UNIQUE story and MASTER your body language
DURATION: 4 weeks

During these weeks we build on your mindful mindset principles providing incremental steps and new tools for you to try and use in your daily life and at work. The build of your mindset and your practice will help you achieve balance as you continue to grow. It’s time to write stories. We connect our personal story to our business purpose. We use our 5P Storytelling process to guide us and our StoryBuilder to support us in execution. We create stories that connect, are memorable and impactful. We will work together to get comfortable, writing, scripting and creating. As a BONUS, we have partnered with industry thought leader, Carol Kinsey Goman to bring you the very best content on mastering your body language. You will be given the secret weapons to body language both online and in public presentation. Be prepared to dive in and challenge your conventional thinking as we accelerate your confidence building journey.

MODULE 4: Market Yourself
BECOME a customer first mindful CEO, BUILD your Customer Journey,
DEVELOP your Marketing Strategy and Plan
Duration: 2 weeks

During these weeks we catapult your mindset principles, pushing you into new spaces with more new tools for you to try and use in your daily life and at work. We start by jumping into the power of your brand by connecting your voice to your marketing. We learn about engagement, our customers, and the importance of feedback. This means shifting our mindset to move from silo thinking to collaborative and inclusive thinking. We begin to understand and unpack the value of customer centricity. This includes the art of giving and receiving feedback. Then we move into marketing yourself. We want you to love your marketing plan and strategy. We know marketing can be overwhelming, exciting and frustrating. Let us introduce you to the Storytelling Incubator. We have partnered with leading industry experts across ALL of the relevant platforms to bring you what we call our Storytelling Incubator. Here’s how it works…


By the time you get here you will be crystal clear on your brand strategy, ideal client, and you will be mastering your story telling. You will be feeling confident. You will have a much better idea of where you should prioritize sharing your story.
We have modules from industry experts speaking to best practices for storytelling in the following platforms/verticals:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Blogging
  • LinkedIn
  • Podcasting
  • Media Training
  • Email Marketing
    TEDEX/Public Speaking

We encourage you to spend time learning and focusing on the platforms that resonate most with you and your customers.

MODULE 5: Build Your Camera Confidence
Level up your production value and get camera ready. Prepare to share your message with the world.
Duration: 2 weeks

No more fear. It’s time to put everything out there. We will use our time together to work on video and audio. We know from experience this is a space of discomfort for many. By now our confidence is growing and we are feeling connected to our customers and our brand. Getting up in front of the camera like an expert won’t be a hurdle anymore. It’s important to cover the basics so we start with the foundations and get quickly into execution.

As we wrap up our time together it is never goodbye. We want to make sure you understand how we stay connected, what the opportunities are and the doors that are opening. Grab your certification and stay connected, we are never too far away.




We know we are stronger and better together. 

“This program has made me feel safe. I have enjoyed being able to ask clarifying questions and set aligned benchmarks.  It is so helpful to have guidance on discerning values.  This is something I’ve wanted to do forever; it brings me closer to myself, helping me connect to what matters.”

– Katarina Wittkamp, Yoga Teacher & Movement Enthusiast

“I realize that rebranding is renewing my passion for the work I am meant to be doing and bringing me incredible clarity as I work through it.  I am finding the coaching safe, fun, engaging and relatable!”

– Jen Grosso, Confidence Coach

“Jen helped me get crystal clear on my vision, voice and why. I feel more confident now than I ever have since we have identified my customer and spent time to craft and share my story.”

– Karen Calder, Founder, Karen Calder Coaching

“I feel empowered and connected to my core values. I feel stronger and more purposeful. The shift has brought me 3 new students, a leveled up version of my program, 7 new fb group members, 4 discovery calls, & a new business partner.

– Charlotte Petit Noble, Peppy Profit Place

“Courtney and Jen listened to what we needed and shared creative ideas and suggestions. We had a vision; partnered with great collaboration, we created engaging, funny and inspirational videos that will be used in the front lines for many years to come.”

– Erin Gray, AVP, Revera Living

“I am empowered by the 5P’s storytelling process and see improvement in my stories and the interaction they bring. The coaching I have received is high value, flexible, and personal.“

– Christa De Ridder, Ayurveda Counsellor and Chef

“I came into this with no marketing strategy. I associated having one with my past corporate life. thinking customer centrically has been a paradigm shift. With the right tools and organization I now love marketing.”

– Alan Muskett, Resilience Coach & Hypnotherapist

“I feel like I finally have the tools, knowledge, understanding to do what I’ve been trying to do for the past few years with my marketing. It is extremely empowering.”

– Toby Stark, Child Abuse Prevention Consultant

“The biggest takeaway for me is connecting to the power of my why and how i need to share my why with the world and they will become believers.”

– Dorina Vendramin, Creator of Camp Joy


  • Weekly training modules with videos and exercises
  • Coach in a pocket – unlimited access to Jen and Courtney via Voxer, Messenger or email
  • CHOOSE YOUR STYLE: Group coaching OR A More custom experience with 1:1 Coaching throughout
  • Weekly accountability touch points and FB Lives to booster your learnings
  • A private FB Group community to connect, share, learn and grow
  • Access to thought leaders in the industry where it counts. We began our careers with one start-up while working in the corporate world. We know that support from the right people is critical so we’ve partnered with some AWESOME people to help you on your journey.
  • A proven story building process, The 5P’s that will connect you to yourself, your why, deepen your connections with your customers and ultimately build your confidence so you stop wasting time and start making money
  • Mindset reboot so you can live your life like the winning entrepreneur you deserve to be.
  • Lifelong partners who are committed to you thriving both professionally and personally. Burn out is not an option!


  • A Vision statement, Mission statement, Your WHY, Values, Your story, direction on brand positioning, wordmark, colour palette
  • A Mindfulness practice with tools and sustainable process
  • Learn the foundations to become an expert on camera
  • Craft a marketing strategy just for you with education from top notch industry experts
  • Get to know your body language and learn best practices from industry thought leader, Carol Kinsey Goman
  • Relationships of a lifetime!


Let’s Get Started!

Join us for a 16 week mindful program to accelerate and scale your mindset and business:

  • Build a mindful mindset
  • Create a clear branding strategy
  • Master the art of storytelling
  • Redefine your marketing strategy and plan
  • Elevate your camera confidence


Thank you for participating in
The Art of Mindful Storytelling Production Grant.

We aspire to make the young storytelling entrepreneurs journey into life simpler, faster, and wrapped in confidence and support.

This grant will provide a few lucky storytellers with three things:

  1. A production budget to create an initial project
  2. Access to The Art of Mindful Storytelling program inclusive of the VIP upgrade
  3. Ongoing mentorship from Courtney and Jennifer James


We will unlock the application process each spring, April 1, to applicants around the globe.  We will collect applications from April-September each year.  The applications will be reviewed by a panel from September-October 31.  Winners will be announced by November 15.

Participants will be provided access to the course and their grant funds starting in the next fiscal year.

Deductions are a $50 automatic deduction off the top of the course fee.  For those who enter into the VIP program a $75 incremental donation goes into the fund.