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Raise your hand if this sounds like you…

  • You wake up and a surge of panic hits you as you think “I’m not connecting with my customers, what’s wrong?”

  • You’ve started to think about your why but you haven’t written it out or connected it to your story and mission.

  • You have an idea, product or service to offer, that helps others, but you aren’t sure how to market or brand it.

  • When you sit down to write your story, create content, or think about going to market your find it overwhelming.

  • You want to make this process easy and expand your network but you’ve downloaded freebies and already invested in other programs and you feel like you aren’t moving forward.

  • If you are an established entrepreneur; you recognize the market is changing, you’ve been telling the same version of your story for years and you don’t seem to be connecting the same way with your customers…

  • Now you feel frustrated and confused because you are committed to change.  You realize you need some help.

If so, then at least one of these is also true…
You want to establish a lifelong winning mindset once and for all
You want to be clear on your brand strategy – your why, mission, values, and voice
You are looking to master your story so you can connect to your customers and build a community of raving fans
You want to stand out as an industry expert and build your confidence
You want to learn how to show up on camera like a pro and share your message authentically with the world
…. Without feeling salesy or getting rejected

A note from your storytelling guides…

Hello Mindful Storytellers…

We are so excited you are here with us. We know that the entrepreneurial life can be challenging and scary. You are committed to your work but sometimes it feels like you are the only one who believes in you…We get it!

Courtney is an award winning filmmaker; a writer, director and producer. He has spent his career working on feature films, broadcast television, and in the indie film world. He has been writing stories, building content and directing productions for 25 years.

Jen is a former Fortune 500 exec turned Mindful business coach. As a sought after team leader and brand strategist she has spent 20+ years transforming companies and their leadership including Marvel, Walmart, Hasbro, Skechers, Cott, and Loblaws. She recently left the comfort of her corporate life to fulfill her purpose.

We are here to tell you, we want to support you and your dreams.

The Art of Mindful Storytelling is a program to help mindful entrepreneurs master your storytelling, create connections and skyrocket your brand. It’s not just a program. You will become part of a community that lasts. We believe in the long-term, we want people who are committed to growth, want to make connections, believe in only the radical truth, and are committed to change . We look forward to getting to know you better.

Our Partners


Who the program works for:

Aspiring mindful entrepreneurs


Established mindful entrepreneurs

…health & wellness coaches, mindset coaches, fitness coaches, life coaches, mindfulness practitioners, brand strategists, creatives, influencers, spiritual mentors, fitness instructors…
A mindful entrepreneur is someone who intentionally redirects their energy and focus to awareness, noticing, and, moment to moment experiences as it relates to their why, vision, and mission.


Once you enroll in the program we will kickstart with a 1:1 phone call to talk about how we get started. From there, we will share the onboarding plan and discuss how move you through the following steps:

PHASE 1: Establish your MINDFUL mindset and WINNING brand strategy

The place we start is building a mindset that will last and sustain beyond the program. We share the concept of a mindful mindset; why and how to build it using practical daily winning routines. This supports your journey and commitment to get crystal clear on your brand strategy. We start to flex your creative writing muscles by getting clarity on your why, defining your mission, vision, and values. Say goodbye to your confusion and doubt and say hello to clarity and intention. We include some hands on training to help you set yourself up like a boss so you can diminish your sense of overwhelm as you take on new ways of working. You will have amazing exercises at the end of these weeks to challenge your creativity and provoke your thinking.

PHASE 2: Create your UNIQUE story and MASTER your body language

During these weeks we build on your mindful mindset principles providing incremental steps and new tools for you to try and use in your daily life and at work. The build of your mindset and your practice will help you balance as you continue to grow.

In week 4 we will dive into our story writing, connecting our story to our why and building our story incubator. We will also begin to explore the world of our customer and our client. For those of you who have never done work on an ideal client this will be the time to dig in. We will work together to get comfortable scripting and creating. In week 5, we have partnered with industry thought leader, Carol Kinsey Goman to bring you the very best content on presence and body language. You will be given the secret weapons to mastering your body language both online and in public presentation. Be prepared to dive in and challenge your conventional thinking as we start you on your confidence building journey.

These weeks are action packed and filled with opportunities to build and grow.

PHASE 3: Build CONNECTIONS that last and UNLEASH your confidence

During these weeks we catapult your mindset principles, pushing you into new spaces with more new tools for you to try and use in your daily life and at work. In this week you will be connecting for your BONUS 1:1 coaching session to review your story incubator, this ensures you have the dedicated support you need to craft your story and finalize details. Over these weeks we dig into the power of your brand and connecting your voice to your brand. We learn about engagement, our customers and the importance of feedback. This includes the art of giving and receiving feedback. As the second part of Phase 3 kicks in we talk about our fears and we address them head on. We dig further into confidence building and mastering our understanding of it so we can build it and boost it, cultivating our power within.

PHASE 4: STAND OUT as an industry expert by MASTERING the art of communication

Let us introduce you to the Storytelling Incubator. We know marketing can be overwhelming, exciting and frustrating. We have partnered with leading industry experts across ALL of the relevant platforms, and then some, to bring to you exclusively what we call our storytelling incubator. Here’s how it works…


By the time you reach Week 7 you will be crystal clear on your brand strategy, ideal client, and you will be 90% complete on your story. You will be feeling confident. You will have a much better idea of where you should prioritize sharing your story.

We will have modules from industry experts speaking to best practices for storytelling in the following platforms/verticals:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Blogging
  • LinkedIn
  • Podcasting
  • Media Training
  • Email Marketing
    TEDEX/Public Speaking

We encourage you to spend week 7 learning and focusing on the platforms that resonate most with you and your customers.

PHASE 5: SHOW UP on camera like an pro and SHARE your message with the world (YOU’RE CERTIFIED!)

We continue to build more layers of our mindful mindset practice with a focus on self-compassion and creating mindful moments.

No more fear. It’s time to put everything out there. We will use our time together to work on video and audio. We know from experience this is a space of discomfort for many. By now our confidence is growing and we are feeling connected to our customers and our brand. Getting up in front of the camera like an expert won’t be a hurdle anymore. It’s important to cover the basics so we start with the foundations and get quickly into content creation.

As we wrap up our time together it is never goodbye. We want to make sure you understand how we stay connected, what the opportunities are and the doors that are opening. Grab your certification and stay connected through The Art of Mindful Storytelling private FB group. We are never too far away.


“I accelerated my leadership skills development working with Jen, which led to my promotion.She has an ability to hone into who I am, asses what I need, help me see where I excel and identify my blind spots. She helped me find my courage to celebrate my achievements which motivated me to keep growing even in the face of adversity.”

– Christine Brooks, Senior Manager, Sr. Mgr. Process & Change

“Jennifer was a great partner to work with. She is both creative and pragmatic, which makes her a strong problem solver. We worked together to bring customer messages to life and I thought she demonstrated customer centric thinking and was able to balance the demands of the business by staying focused on the end customer and their needs.”

– Cheri Mara, CCO

“Jen’s leadership, guidance and influence were instrumental in moving the projects forward. She has a natural ability to create strong teams and partnerships ”

– Knara Vivona, Implementation Lead

“Courtney has a unique ability to capture the essence of a story, event or life and present it in a compelling and entertaining manner.

– Ryan Kruger, Special Advisor

“Courtney and Jen listened to what we needed and shared creative ideas and suggestions. We had a vision, that with collaboration, created engaging, funny and inspirational videos that will be used in the front lines for many years to come.”

– Erin Gray, AVP

“From planning to execution the team collaborated to deliver a strategy that was comprehensive, easy to follow, and smart; they even provided out of scope value add offerings that were critical for us to move the needle.”

– Carrie Ashfield, Senior Property Manager


  • Dedicated 1:1 coaching calls to answer all your questions
  • 2 x weekly accountability touch points
  • A weekly private FB Group community for meeting to connect, share, learn and grow
  • Access to thought leaders in the industry where it counts. We began our careers with one startup while working in the corporate world. We know that support from the right people is critical so we’ve partnered with some AWESOME people to help you on your journey.
  • A proven story building process that will connect you to yourself, your why, deepen your connections with your customers and ultimately build your confidence so you stop wasting time and start making money
  • Mindset reboot so you can live your life like the winning entrepreneur you deserve to be.
  • Lifelong partners who are committed to you thriving both professionally and personally. Burn out is not an option!

The Art of Mindful Storytelling

A 10 week program, you can do at your pace; to level up your brand and build a mindful mindset.
Inside the program you will receive:

  • 5 (60 minute) 1:1 sessions with Jen or Courtney hosted bi-weekly – 1 BONUS 90 minute session
  • Weekly training modules – videos and pdf learnings with homework
  • Weekly accountability touch points
  • Weekly FB live meetings

*** UPGRADE NOW to the VIP package for $500USD***

  • Unlimited email and Voxer support
  • $75 of your payment is donated to The Art of Mindful Storytelling Production grant. CLICK HERE to learn more

Next enrollment date will be February, 2021
Payment options:
Limited time offer for 2021 ONLY

$50 of your payment is donated to The Art of Mindful Storytelling Production grant. CLICK HERE to learn more

  • Pay in FULL: $3497 USD
  • 3 Payments $1333 USD

Thank you for participating in
The Art of Mindful Storytelling Production Grant.

We aspire to make the young storytelling entrepreneurs journey into life simpler, faster, and wrapped in confidence and support.

This grant will provide a few lucky storytellers with three things:

  1. A production budget to create an initial project
  2. Access to The Art of Mindful Storytelling program inclusive of the VIP upgrade
  3. Ongoing mentorship from Courtney and Jennifer James


We will unlock the application process each spring, April 1, to applicants around the globe.  We will collect applications from April-September each year.  The applications will be reviewed by a panel from September-October 31.  Winners will be announced by November 15.

Participants will be provided access to the course and their grant funds starting in the next fiscal year.

Deductions are a $50 automatic deduction off the top of the course fee.  For those who enter into the VIP program a $75 incremental donation goes into the fund.